Dr. Hans Lamecker

1000shapes GmbH
Wiesenweg 10
12247 Berlin

+49 30 76 88 65 90

1000shapes GmbH offers software and services for innovative 3D product design with a medical focus. These solutions enable automated and reliable planning and production approaches for individually as well as mass customized products for the human body. The basis for this is the award-winning technology of the company. By means of population-based shape analysis it obtains precise 3D models from existing measurement data. In this project, 1000shapes determines a generalized model of the average vessel shape and its anatomical variation based on representative example data, models healthy and pathological shapes and combines the model with functional information to quickly and reliably determine the pathological deviation from the healthy shape for an individual situation, as well as how they must be therapeutically changed to restore a normal / healthy situation.

3D centerline model reconstructed from MRI and consisting of centerline points and inscribed radii (color coded).